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mastering magical fx

week 1 assignment


week 2 assignment

magic week 2

week 3 assignment

magic week 3

week 4 assignment

magic week4

shot notes::

-- could use more high frequency detail in the bigger shockwave

-- maybe have low freq shockwave emit further?

-- I think the particles take too long to fade out - fighting with the explosion.

-- add a few more layers to the explosion - tendrils, sparks? 

-- add thrusters to smaller ship

       --its possible that the smaller ship is going too fast

-- extend shot / second angle render

09/23/2019 Issues:

-uncomped- raw render

-WAY fewer bullets, faster impact, needs bullet contact on last frame, bullets bigger and longer with better ramp - flare in comp

-add renderlayers to forcefield

-add ship

-add more / smaller sparks

-atmospherics, etc.

-add last 2 bullets for big hit

-add blast trails perhaps

09/18/2019 Issues:

 - add projectiles

- noise is static - add motion

-add high frequency triangle pass

- add explosion 

- glitching connect adjacent points pass

- noisy render

- consider changing color to blue

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